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Regarding COVID-19: A Note From Eleven Mortgage

Dear 11Mortgage Clients, Partners, Vendors and Staff:

As our nation and the world continues to deal with the issue of the coronavirus, it is important that we provide you information regarding steps 11Mortgage is and will take to protect our collective health and mortgage operations. The measures described below are in place or being enacted; however, everything is subject to change as the 11Mortgage Pandemic Planning Committee meets daily and will modify plans to respond to changing conditions. We will continue to post updates as necessary.

11Mortgage has created a robust Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan from which a number of elements can be applied to this coronavirus situation. Those features have either been adopted or are ready for implementation when needed. We are also developing new responses to this novel crisis that incorporate directions from our national and state leaders.

To protect the health of 11Mortgage personnel and continue our mortgage operations, our teammates have already been equipped with either laptops or VPN computer access so that staff can work remotely from home. We are actively testing the security and speed of our remote connections to insure data privacy/integrity. 11Mortgage has planned and is implementing short- and long-term remote work contingencies that will insure our ability to continue working on loans and maintain operations.

As additional health safety measures we are strongly recommending:

  • Limiting face-to-face meetings as much as possible and relying on video conferencing, phone calls and emails. Physical proximity is the primary method of contagion, limiting our contact is a precaution both for your health and our team.

11Mortgage is financially strong and solvent. We have met all previous obstacles and come away stronger than before. While this current situation makes us concerned for the well-being of people’s health, we are not worried about our ability to provide our clients and partners with the service people expect of us.

We will update this message as our strategies and processes adapt to changing conditions. We urge all persons to minimize travel and physical contact, wash hands frequently, stay home if you are not feeling well and get medical attention. Our country has survived many trials and tribulations in our history, we will overcome this one as well.

May God bless America and keep us safe