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Dina Barreras

Strategic Account Executive

NMLS #1146268
Located in California

Cell: 714-745-8635
Time zone: Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7)

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“I have been in the Mortgage Industry since 1998. I have a true understanding of operations AND sales. I have been an Account Manager, Funder, Funding Manager, Underwriter, Account Executive and a Sales Manager. Being experienced in both aspects has given me an edge over my competition and a true understanding of our changing industry. I am a Producing Sales Manager with proven experience leading teams to deliver high performance standards and empower employees to achieve business goals through training, coaching, communication and development. I am a “hands on” Sales Manager with extensive knowledge of the industry. I am involved not only in my personal production but every team member and act as a liaison between operational staff and my account executives.”

– Dina Barreras

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